Pomegranate Peel


The Pomegranate Peel is specially designed to even out the top layers of the skin and mildly exfoliates while potent antioxidants prevent free radical damage. The addition of antioxidants makes it a superior choice to traditional chemical peels.Recommended Once a Week

Purity Peel


This synergistic blend of chorally corrected acids produces a moderate depth peel that is calming. The result is a soothing, exfoliating peel that is excellent for acne.Warning: Not safe for pregnant or lactating women.Recommended Once Every 2 Weeks

Deep Sea Peel


A non-acid, chemical-free peel that utilizes manual exfoliation to resurface and rejuvenate the skin, lifting away stubborn pigmentation and acne scarring. This is a highly stimulating peel not recommended for sensitive skin. Recommended Once a Month

Blueberry Jessner


The Jessner’s peel is a safe and effective solution for reducing the appearance of acne, hyperpigmentation, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, and enhancing skin texture and tone, leading to an overall improved complexion of the skin.

Benefit Peel


A light chemical peel improves skin texture and tone and lessens the appearance of fine wrinkles. The results are subtle but increase with repeated treatments. If you have a medium chemical peel, treated skin will be noticeably smoother.Recommended Once Every 2 Weeks

Timeless Peel


Stimulate cell turnover and collagen and elastin production to visibly reduce signs of aging and pigmentation. Produces powerful results that may include mild to moderate flaking, depending on skin warning:Not safe for pregnant or lactating women.Treatment Spotlight (Once a Month)

Red Carpet Peel


The Red Carpet Peel is a three-step treatment combining exfoliation, chemical exfoliation, and oxygen therapy. This mild, clinical-grade peel gently exfoliates and unclogs pores while hydrating skin. The Red Carpet Peel is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.