A Natural Approach to Better Health.

Massage & Specialities (Aroma Therapy Included)

Swedish Massage

$90.00 ... 60mins.

Long smoothing strokes calm body and mind, improves circulation, relieves muscle tension, prompts an overall sense of balance and harmony.

Deep Tissue Massage

$90.00 ... 60mins.

Upgrade deep tissue - No pain, No digging, yet effective. Great for muscle pain, congestion, tighness.

Foot & Leg Reflexology Massage

$90.00 ... 60mins.

A great session working on specific reflex points in feet & legs activating these points can help promote circulation & disperse blockages while ending in a relaxing massage.

Hand Treatment

$90.00 ... 60mins.

A rejuvenating for hard working hands with pain & stiffness relief. Starts with a multimineral salt scrub, followed by a healing clay application & wrapped in a hot towel. Compresses help reapir the skin for a soothing hydrating aloe massage.

Back only Treatment

$130.00 ... 80mins

Back only teatment with full body massage.

Deep Tissue Release Full Body Body Stone Massage

$110.00 ... 80mins.

A deep penetrating muscle tissue tension release and deep relaxation.

Hot Stone & Himalayan Salt Stone Combo

$130.00 ... 80mins.

A heating & warm stone massage with pink Himalayan salt stones containing more than 80 minerals & elements aiding in detoxification & bacteria. All these minerals have nutritional benefits.

Foot & Leg Reflexology Wrap

$130.00 ... 80mins.

Relax your sore tires legs & feet with focused attention. Begining with multi mineral salt scrub & detoxifyng essential oils, removing dead skin layers. Followed by a soothing all natural aloe wrap, an

Rejuvenating Salt Glow

$90.00 ... 60mins.

Enjoy an invigorating multimineral salt blend $ essentail oils, exfoliation. This treatment helps remove layers of dead skin cells and dry skin that block the pores, cause itching due to extreme dry skin

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